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Spanish island for sale

Isla de Espalmador located between Ibiza and Formentera has now been put up for sale and can be yours for 24 million euros.

Photo: Coniferous – Wikimedia Commons

Photo: Coniferous – Wikimedia Commons

In fact the island lies within “walking distance” to Formentera since it is possible to wade from Formentera at low tide, although this is not recommended, since the underwater currents can be very strong.

Isla de Espalmador is 2,925 meters long and 800 meters wide and the highest point is 22 meters above sea level. The island is surrounded by white sand and crystal clear water. On the northwest side is a lagoon protected by a smaller island making it an excellent location for boats seeking shelter from bad weather or just to berth in a quiet location.

Isla de Espalmador is located in a nature reserve and was originally sold for 42,500 pesetas (about 250 €).

The sellers are Rosy and Norman Cinnamond, grandsons of Bernardo Cinnamond James, who acquired this little island in 1932. The regional authorities, who wants to buy the island and make the site available to the public, say that the price of 24 million euros is too high.

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