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Residents protest against drinking in the streets


Photo: Erixon Consulting

About 200 residents in the district of Barceloneta in Barcelona protested last night against uncivilized and loud behavior from tourists. Above all there is a large number of illegally leased tourist apartments that attracts unwanted tourists.

The demonstration began at 23:30 where the streets Almirall Cervera and Sant Miquel meet. The residents chanted slogans against drunk tourists and asked to be allowed to sleep. Several tourists drinking in the streets or showing some form of anti-social behavior was being approached and talkde to by residents, but everything went without incidents of violence.

La Barceloneta (little Barcelona) is a neighborhood in the port of Barcelona, ​​and was originally a fishing area. Barceloneta was the first planned residential area of ​​Barcelona and is now filled with charming old houses, bars and restaurants with outdoor terraces. The district has in recent years been the scene of numerous demonstrations including eviction of tenants.

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