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Holiday Boom in Spain

Thousands of families of all nationalities are now turning to Spain to avoid unrest and chaos in Tunisia and Greece.


Playa San Lorenzo, Gijón. Photo: jlmaral.

From the UK there are about 300,000 Britons who were traveling to Tunisia this summer which have had to think twice after the government advised not to go there. Most countries’ foreign ministries are recommending not to travel there after the recent terrorist attacks.

Even last-minute offers to Greece has declined sharply and from Britains it has ceased altogether. The reason is the country’s debt crisis and many tourists are worried that it will be difficult to withdraw money from ATMs. In addition there are reports that hotels and restaurants no longer can obtain imported food and that they will no longer accept credit cards but require cash payments.

Most of these holiday “reprioritisation” means tourist would rather travel to Spain. Although there are terrorist threats even against Spain, Spain is considered a safe destination which gives good value for money.

Spain has made great efforts in recent years to improve its reputation as a tourist destination. The infrastructure has been refurbished, staff have received training and safety is increased. This now gives clear results in tourist flows, from 28 million visitors in 1973 to this year’s estimated figures of over 65 million. If you look at the rankings of the World Economic Forum, Travel & Tourism Cometitiveness Index, Spain is number 1:


Playa EL Sardinero, Santander. Foto: Pedro Lopez.

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