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Studying in Spain

There are a number of opportunities for those who want to study or take a higher education in Spain. Universities will accept foreign students, and you will also find a number of international academies and colleges offering teaching in English.

By educating yourself in Spain, you will have an advantage when applying for a job in UK later. Many British companies are requesting people with international education and life experience.

Universities in Spain

If you are going to study at a university in Spain you must of course have a good understanding of the Spanish language.

The academic year begins in September and lasts until June. You can take a 1 or 2 year master's degree or a Bachelor's degree in a variety of subjects.

Search engine for Bachelor's degrees in Spain
Search engine for master's degrees in Spain

International Academies in Spain

There are a some academies and higher learning institutions in Spain that offer teaching in English. Students at these schools are usually from around the world, and you can have the opportunity to get to know with many interesting people.

Marbella Design Academy located close to Monda is a private academy that teaches web design, graphic design, fashion design and interior design. The students come from more than 30 different countires all over the world, and teaching is done in english.

Spanish classes in Spain

Students in Spain

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