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Services in Spain

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There are several companies located in Spain with British Employees that mainly focus on offering their services to Expats in Spain. If you don’t speak any Spanish you will find a great relief by using their services.

For example there are many English speaking ”Gestores” or lawyers that offer help to apply for a Social Seguridad number, NIE-number, Residencia or any other communication with the Spanish authorities. In addition you will find British doctors, physiotherapists, home care services, gardeners, craftsmen, removal companies and more in Spain.



Ever since Expats began to reside permanently in Spain, the selection of British hairdressers in Spain has grown steadily. It's usually a bit cheaper to go to the hairdresser in Spain than back home. So why not get the hair done while you're in Spain. English speaking hairdressers and stylists in Spain.
  Hairdresser in Spain  

Ink in Spain

After many years of people talking about how the internet would reduce the amount of papers in offices, we are printing more than ever. Whether you like it or not, you will occasionally need to print something. In many of the tourist towns in Spain there are separate shops that are selling ink cartridges, refill for ink cartridges and toner. Read more...
Car hire in Spain  

Car hire in Spain

How to find the cheapest rental cars in Spain. What to remember when driving in the highway in Spain. How to cancel your parking ticket in Spain. Hiring a car in Spain has many challenges that you usually don't think about in UK. Tips and advice for car hire in Spain. Read more...

Lawyers in Spain

There are a many British lawyers who run their business in Spain. These lawyers know the Spanish rules well and can give you good advice when it comes to tax planning, inheritance settlement, wills and probate, purchase and sale of property, mortgages, disputes and more.

Telephone in Spain

The state-owned telephone company which is equivalent to British Telecom in U.K. is called Telefonica. Unfortunately the customer service not as good as what you are accustomed to from back home. There are also a number of smaller companies providing landline or IP phone in Spain. With IP-phone you can also have a UK phone number in Spain. Read more...
  Services in Spain  

Dentists in Spain

Ever wish you could go to British dentist in Spain? There are British dentists in most expat societies in Spain. These are usually cheaper than an equivalent dental treatment in the UK. Beyond normal dental treatments such as filling, they can perform all types of treatments that you would normally expect to find in the UK, such as root canals, implants etc.
Alarm in Spain  

UK TV in Spain

Many Expats in Spain would like the opportunity to see the British TV in Spain. There are several companies that supply British TV channels in Spain. There are several different technical solutions to get British Television in Spain. The most common is TV via your internet connection. Find suppliers of UK television in Spain.

Gestoria in Spain

A "Gestoria" is a service office who are experts on Spanish bureaucracy and regulations and can help with legal advice for issues you may encounter when living in Spain. One can of course also use an attorney for this, but many of these tasks can be performed equally well by a Gestor at a much cheaper price.

Alarms in Spain

If you live in a detached or terraced houses in Spain it is strongly recommended to purchase an alarm system. The financial crisis has unfortunately resulted in an increase of burglaries in private homes. There are several companies that supply alarms in Spain. It is also recommended to install an alarm if you just live periodically in your Spanish home. Read more...

Internet in Spain

There are several internet suppliers that can provide internet in Spain. When you order ADSL in Spain you will get a landline as well. Unfortunately it is not always possible to have ADSL installed in houses or apartments in Spain, leaving you to choose between wireless internet or internet via an USB-stick.
  Services in Spain

Insurance in Spain

A travel insurance does not usually cover you if you are going to live in Spain. The best option for you would be to subscribe to insurance in a Spanish insurance company after you have relocated to Spain. Check with your your insurance company what rules apply for your travel insurance. There are several British insurance agents in Spain that offer their services to Expats. Read more...
  Doctors in Spain  

Doctors and health services

Do you want to go to a British doctor in Spain? There are British doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and so on in all the British settlements in Spain. In addition there are private hospitals that offer their services in British. Spain is alslo a popular travel destination for people with autoimmune or rheumatic diseases.

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