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Restaurants in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has a vibrant restaurant scene with restaurants in all price ranges and qualities. If you dare to skip the all-inclusive offers for ypur holidyay on Gran Canarua, there are restaurants plenty og exellent food to experience. Of course there are many restaurants that are adapted to mass tourism, but with a little knowledge the island offers restaurants with a larger variety. Both Playa del Ingl├ęs and the cities have their own restaurant areas where you can find som real gems.

Recommended restaurants in Gran Canaria

Because of the large selection it can be difficult to find the good Restaurants in Gran Canaria. A good tip is to look where the Spaniards go out to eat, but then you should note that Spanish families usually don't go out eating until 2200 in the evening.

We have picked a selection of good restaurants in Gran Canaria for you to enjoy wether you live in Gran Canaria or are here on a holiday.

Restaurant Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia is centrally located on Yumbo Centre offers Italian food of high quality. This is a gem of a restaurant and here you really get value for money. Compared to other restaurants in the Yumbo Centre sets Mamma Mia in a separate class. It's a relatively small restaurant, but it helps to make the atmosphere exquisite. The tasteful food you get at Mama Mia's not heaped into the sauce, which you can experience at other restaurants in the area. Looking for Italian food is a trip to Mamma Mia something you have to put the time to.

Restaurant Chez Vous

Chez Vous has gourmet food that tastes good and you do not empty your wallet for a meal here either. You can find all sorts of fish dishes such as lobster and tuna. Once you've visited the Restaurant Chez Vous once, so it is likely that paying a visit again. With a friendly and professional staff will get good service here. Chez Vous is probably the best restaurant in Playa del Ingles for French gourmet cuisine.

Restaurant Toscana

Restaurante Toscana is a restaurant with Italian and international dishes like pizza, pasta and various beef dishes. We in can recommend steak at this restaurant, and accessories help to make the meal perfect. Potatoes, carrots and lettuce are of the highest quality. Gigi and Ariane operates the restaurant, and they are constantly dropping by to make sure customers get what they want. We recommend to start with garlic bread before the food, it tastes absolutely perfect!

Restaurant Wapa Tapa

Wapa Tapa is as the name says a tapas restaurant, and is a gem located on Yumbo Centre. We recommend you reserve a table in advance if you are going to hit, but it's often full, especially in the evenings. Wapa Tapa is closed on Sundays, but open the rest of the week. With a good location, service second to none and excellent food, we recommend a visit to Wapa Tapa for a good tapas dinner. There are many exciting dishes and the prices are not prohibitive.

Restaurant Mr Greek

A restaurant with Greek food we could not exclude from our recommended Restaurants Playa del Ingles is Mr. Greek. With dishes like stifado and kleftiko get a Greek experience in Playa del Ingles. When you visit Mr. Greek is almost like being in Greece, with superb food and a comfortable atmosphere. On Mr. Greek is not dragged into the restaurant that you unfortunately are few places. Mr. Greek is most likely one of the best restaurants in Gran Canaria for Greek food.

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Gran Canaria is an island not far off the coast of Africa. Gran Canaria is the second largest of the Canary Islands hosting everything from long beaches, dense forests and a thrilling night life, in a mixture of beauty and fun. The various cities alongside the coast are filled with visitors from all over the world ensuring a pleasurable experience, be it relaxing on one of the numerous beaches, partying until dawn or exploring the different parts of the island.


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