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Zero tolerance onboard has adopted a zero tolerance stance for disturbing and inappropriate behavior on their flights.


The consequences of such behavior will include police report and a lifetime ban from flying with The decision comes due to a general increase in incidents where passengers are being binge drunk or refuse to abide by the instructions of the cabin personnel. Director of, Phil Ward, says that this is done to create a safe and comfortable travel experience for families and other tourists.

On friday 29th May a flight from on the way from Leeds to Alicante had to make an emergency landing after a drunk passenger refused to stop drinking and acted threateningly against the flight attendants. The plane landed in Toulouse, France, where the man was handed over to the police. In a press release from it is being told that the passenger, Grant Marshall, will never again be allowed aboard flights and that he probably should plan on paying for additional expenses that he has incurred the airline.

Following this incident the airline has received numerous positive feedback from other passengers who were on the same plane, where they thank for the way the company handled the situation.