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Winter in Spain

A polar front has entered Spain and brings low temperatures, storm, rain and even snow in some parts of the country. According to meteorologists this is the coldest week so far this winter.

15-2-2016-spainThe polar front entered on Sunday with storms and cut off Galicia from the rest of Spain in an entire hour because of the snow. The port of Tarifa had to close due to strong winds and in several cities, the roads have been cut of by flooded rivers. In Seville there were over 100 reports of incidents caused by falling objects. In Aroche Huelva got a three year old boy a beam in the head and died.

The weather forecast is showing storms today, combined with rain some places and snow which also may be abundant in the north. This always tends to involve traffic difficulties and also some closed roads. In addition the temperatures will drop, particularly at night. In northern Andalusia (Sierra Morena) night temperatures down to minus ten degrees are expected. The snow line in the south is expected to be between 600m and 800m, while in northern Spain the snow line will be at sea level.


The cold weather will continue during this week throughout the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, but soon the spring is expected to be around the corner.