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Waste disposal in Nucia

La Nucia municipality in the northern part of the Costa Blanca has gone new ways in waste sorting and built a new recycling facility that can receive 39 different types of waste.

waste nucia

Inauguration of the waste disposal. Photo: Ayuntamiento de la Nucia

The facility was officially opened on Saturday 14 March, and the intention is to increase residents’ recycling and to curb illegal dumping of garbage. This is a big problem in some areas, especially in La Nucia, Alfaz del Pi and Altea. Anyone who has a registered address in La Nucia municipality may use the facility for free.

To build the plant “Ecoparque La Nucia” had a total cost in excess of 552,000 euros and 65% of the funds have come from the Provincial Council (Diputación de Alicante), while the rest was financed by La Nucia municipality.

The facility is state of the art according to the municipality and adhering to the highest environmental standards for recycling in accordance with EU classification. For personal use it is free to use the facility for municipal residents, but if the waste comes from business costs money. You must have a special card to use the facility (Tarjeta del Ecoparque) and it can be ordered by phone: 966 897 916.