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Wants to stop drunk brits in Benidorm

Local authorities are trying to find ways to combat the “chaos” that drunk british tourists create, especially during the summer holidays.


Benidorm is a popular destination for all types of tourism including stag parties and hen parties .
Photo: Wikipedia

A recently published picture of a drunk british tourist that was tied to a lamppost has initiated an intensive debate about what impression visitors should get of Benidorm. The politicians are discussing different actions that could reduce antisocial and boastful behavior in the streets. Juan Ángel Ferrer in Ayuntamiento de Benidorm is among the politicians that thinks something should be done to give Benidorm a better reputation, but not all of his colleagues agree that this is a problem that really needs new laws or regulations.

Many of the pubs where drunk tourists are making a scene every day are close to beaches where families with children are playing and this is part of what concerns Head of tourism in Benidorm Gema Amor. Gema Amor thinks that bars and pubs should ban externalizing and provocative behavior and that it should be forbidden to eat shirtless at restaurants.