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Unsolicited advertising prohibited

A new law designed to prevent unwanted advertising, has been adopted in Alfaz del Pi on the Costa Blanca and it can be very expensive to break the law.

advertisement-carThe new law that recently has been adopted by the council in Alfaz del Pi, was unanimously approved across party boundaries. It is now for example forbidden to put flyers on windshields of cars.

The purpose of the law is mainly to regulate billboards and posters along public roads and streets. Particularly on fences, signs and trees, but it also includes other forms of advertisement distribution.

advertisement-treeThe new regulation has 18 points, including the prohibition of advertising on the windshield of cars. But the same applies also to distribution of brochures and information directly to people on the street, but it is still free to distribute advertisements in mailboxes.

Cars or trailers, whose primary purpose is to advertise are not allowed. This provides a fine of between 300 and 750 Euro. Exceptions are advertising that counts as social, cultural, sports and welfare including local authorities or other agencies, organizations and associations who deliver these services.


Less serious offenses will cost between 300 and 750 Euro. Serious offenses will cost 751-1500 euros and very serious offenses will cost between 1501 and 3000 euros.

Putting up advertisement in unauthorized places is regarded a very serious offense, which also applies to trees in urban areas. It is also seen as a very serious offense if advertisement is being posted by a distributor that does not have a license or is anonymous.

Companies, organizations and associations that already have a license to set up advertisements must also comply with the new rules. The same also applies to public authorities.