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Unique project to combat homelessness

Sin techo

Foto: Wikipedia

In Sanlucar in Cadiz a financial institution invests money on a housing project to provide homeless shelter. An apartment building with 20 apartments are purchased and given to the local authority to provide accommodation to families in social exclusion.

This is the first project of its kind in Andalusia, but hardly the last. Negotiations are underway with several banks and building owners to lease empty apartment building for homeless people.

The first 20 apartments that now are being prepared are in a newly built residential area that was abandoned when the housing bubble burst. The house has for some time been inhabited by seventy squatters. These will not automatically have priority when the apartments will be distributed among the needy.

Over the next few days, the municipality will allocate the homes to those in the municipal register of housing applicants and needy, which includes more than 500 people. The number of vacant apartments are at the moment less than 300.

To hasten this process, Sanlúcar municipality chairman Victor Mora compiled a list of houses that are vacant and could be included in the new housing project.