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Unemployment in Spain drops

November was a good month for the Spanish labor market. The number of unemployed fell so much that it was the best November since compilation of unemployment statistics began.

Employment Service. Foto: Chema Sanz.

Employment Service. Foto: Chema Sanz.

Although the number of contributors to the social security system (a measurement of new jobs) increased by only 1.620 people, the total number of registered unemployed fell by 27,071 people, according to Ministerio de Empleo y Seguridad Social.

The unemployment declined in 10 regions last month and most of all in Andalusia (-17,900). Followed by Valencia (-9,807) and Madrid (-4,678). But it is also 7 regions where unemployment rose, among others, Galicia (+3,066), Balearic Islands (+9,843) and the Canary Islands (+1,477).

Looking at sectors, unemployment fell in all sectors, including construction (-10,218), Agriculture and Fisheries (-7,153), production (-5,318), and finally the tertiary sector (-1,455).

Many of the jobs that have been created, thus increasing the contributions to the social security system, (Seguridad Social) are in education and retail.