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Uber is back in Spain

The Taxi rival Uber which was banned in Spain in December 2014 is now starting up again, but this time legally with licensed drivers.

uber-1A Spanish judge has ruled that the use of amateur drivers does not follow national law, but represents unfair competition for established taxi companies. But the California-based company with their cheaper rates have attracted customers from traditional taxi services and will now be back on the Spanish streets with their new UberX service.

The release will be limited to Madrid in the beginning. Uber is circumventing the ban by putting the customers in contact with drivers who have a VTC drivers license, instead of amateur drivers who are using the UberPOP service.

The new service will compete with the traditional taxi companies but also with the newly established similar company Cabify. The prices of UberX are expected to be 30 to 40 percent lower than regular taxi companies, with a minimum rate of 5 €. For example, the price between Barajas Airport and Madrid ends up at € 20 compared with the normal taxi price which is 30 €.