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Uber forbidden in Spain

The controversial American IT taxi company “Uber” that conveys taxi via an app, is banned in several countries, most recently in Spain and Thailand.

uberA court in Madrid decided Tuesday to ban “Uber” all over Spain. The reason is that they expose the taxi industry to unfair competition and that drivers are not licensed. The ban is still temporary and have come to court after complaints from Madrid taxi association. Before the ban goes into legal force Madrid taxi association must pay a fee of $ 10,000.

The Spanish ruling came just one day after Uber was blacklisted in India’s capital Delhi after one of Übers drivers raped a female passenger. Thailands transport authorities have also decided to ban Uber which they consider illegal since the registration of drivers and insurance deficiencies and that the payment does not follow the rules in Thailand.

In the Netherlands, “UberPop ridesharing service” had a pilot project in Amsterdam between July and September, which was later extended to the Hague and Rotterdam, but there were activities prohibited on Monday.

The San Francisco-based company Uber has grown rapidly since its inception in March 2009 and is currently active in more than 250 cities in 50 countries. Earlier this month, the company was valued at 40 billion dollars. Uber has commented the verdict that they intend to continue to offer “UperPop” despite the threat of a fine of 100,000 euros for the company and up to 40,000 Euro fine for drivers.

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