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Two expats drowned in Katalonia

Two British women 36 and 33 years old drowned after they were taken by the waves on a beach in Lloret de Mar (Catalonia).

Photo: Credit ecemaml, Wikipedia

Photo: Credit ecemaml, Wikipedia

There has been bad weather in this part of the region in the past days, and the two belonged to a group of five women who were on the beach at 04.30 am.

After taking some pictures, two of the women decided to take a night swim, even though they were warned by locals.

Waves, wind and currents quickly caused trouble for the two women. One of them managed to get on land, while the other was taken by the waves. The other girls at the beach chose to go in the water and look for her friend. As a result another of the woman was taken by the waves and disappeared.

They were later found by a rescue helicopter 20 km from shore.

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