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TV horse mistreated

Guardia Civil has revealed that one of the horses in a couple of popular Spanish TV series has been subjected to severe animal cruelty. The owner has also previously been accused of animal cruelty.

horse aguila roja tierra lobos

The dead horse was Cervantino.
Photo: Guardia Civil

After receiving a review about suspected animal abuse at a horse farm in Jarilla (Caceres), Extremadura, an inspection was done on the farm by Seprona* and a veterinarian from the Extremadura animal protection. 15 severely malnourished horses and one dead horse were found.

The dead horse that was found turned out to be “Cervantino”, a horse who has participated in the TV show “Águila Roja” and “Tierra de Lobos”. The owner of the farm has previously been accused of animal cruelty and maltreatment of a couple of dogs who were accused of having killed a hen. The owner was also partly responsible for mistreatment of a horse who had sustained permanent injuries in one eye after being whipped.


Seprona’s Logo
Photo: Wikipedia

A patrol from Seprona in Plasenica has taken all the horses in custody pending the court’s ruling.

* Seprona (Servicio de Protección de la Naturaleza) is the group of the Guardia Civil which is responsible for the preservation and enforcement of hunting and fishing. They monitor government regulations for conservation, environment, water resources and preservation of resources in hunting, farming, forestry and other natural related industries. They are also involved in the fight against pollution, illegal trade in endangered species, unregulated hunting and fishing, protection of natural areas, and the prevention and extinction of natural fires.

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