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Truck ban during summer

The General Directorate of Traffic, DGT, has approved a series of measures to regulate heavy traffic during the summer months. There will be a comprehensive ban for trucks.

autopista-malagaThere are a number of prohibitions and restrictions, in different parts of Spain. Here we will cover the most important roads in the province of Málaga, but those who are willing and able to read through it in Spanish, can find the complete publication of the country (in PDF format) here: Boletín Oficial del Estado, Núm. 15, Sec. I. Pág. 2697.

In Málaga province there is a ban for vehicles over 7,500 kg for highways N -331 / A-45 Mediterranean road A-7 and toll road AP-7 and AP-46 Coastal road and the entrance to Malaga: MA-20 and N-340; A-92 and A-92M; and highway A-357 to Campillos.

The prohibition applies to all hours in June, July, August and September. There are exceptions, such as for the transport of animals and refrigerated products and recovery vehicles.

What is also clear from the publication of DGT, are all limitations in traffic applicable to various sports events, weekends, etc. In addition, all road works will be suspended on main roads during weekends in July, August and September, all to not create unnecessary obstacles for traffic.