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Train strike threatens the Easter

Workers at Spain’s national rail network has been called out on strike next Wednesday. The strike is expected to cause major problems for the Easter tourists.

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Photo: Renfe

The 23 hour strike that the union CC.OO. has announced will place on Wednesday March 23rd. The strike begins at midnight between Tuesday and Wednesday and continues until 11 pm on Wednesday evening. This is the day when many travelers throughout Spain begins their Easter holidays.

The reason for the strike is that the train operator Renfe and ADIF, the Spanish National Rail Administration, has failed to fulfill an agreement to hire more workers. They agreed to jointly employ up to 930 workers, something they have not been able to do. The reason is that the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Public Administration has blocked the whole process. They simply have not contributed the money needed for the Renfe and ADIF may fulfill the obligation.

But the union CC.OO. is open to negotiations, so the hope is not lost that there may be a solution. Last year there were a number of point strikes, and a strike was planned Friday before Christmas, but the parties found an agreement and the strike was called off.


The strike does not mean that all train are taken out of service. Authorities have set up rules for a minimum amount of traffic that must be maintained during a partial strike and the limit is between 33% and 75%.

Photo: Ave

Photo: Ave