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Torrevieja is increasing the security

It will be safer on two of the beaches of Torrevieja through a Spanish pioneer project with drones that can both monitor, communicate and come to the rescue of distressed swimmers.

The Flying lifesaver SalvaDron.

The Flying lifesaver SalvaDron.

New technology can be used for many things, and it is now well known that drones are not just toys, but can be used for a variety of things. Now Torrevieja is putting two drones into service as “Lifeguards” on the beaches this summer. They’re going to be on the beaches of La Mata and Cabo Cervera.

The SalvaDRON concept has been developed by Concejalía Innovación (CITIC) in Torrevieja municipality. It is two drones with six rotors which have the capacity to quickly bring lifejackets and lifebuoys out to distressed swimmers in significantly less time than is possible today. They are equipped with a lighting and loudspeaker system to communicate with people in need or to warn of dangerous situations. The drones will be serviced by personnel from Protección Civil.

Drones can also be used for other purposes, such as for remote communication, monitoring, signaling etc. The municipal spokesman Javier Manzanares has estimated the cost of € 17,990, and says that “In this context, now Torrevieja is on the top in innovation policy for security and protection of bathers, which has been a source of constant concern for the city because we understand the importance of ensuring best protection for visitors and swimmers. ”

Finally Javier Manzanares tells that work is being done to adapt three beaches for the disabled so that users in wheelchairs easily will be able to get down from the walkways to the sea.

The video does not show the actual drone, but one with a similar appearance and function.


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