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Tornado hit Málaga

This morning a tornado with strength F1 hit the airport area, Churriana and Los Alamos in the Málaga province.

tornado malaga

Chirnguito Copacabana was totally destroyed by the tornado

The strong wind has destroyed a gas station, chiringuitos, torn down walls and overturned caravans.

There were two employees at work at the gas station by the entrance to Malaga airport when the tornado hit. The terrified employees hid inside the gas station while the tornado devastated large parts of the outdoors area and blew plates from the gas station all the way to the airport.

Those affected have notified the injuries to their respective insurance companies, which will forward the cases to the “Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros” who is responsible for compensation after natural phenomena (such as tornadoes, earthquakes, torrential rains and flooding). Among those most affected businesses are Churriana gas station, Chiringuito Copacabana (which is practically totally destroyed) and Golf Holiday parking.

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