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Three rescued on Torremolinos beach

On Tuesday afternoon 3 people had to be rescued after ignoring the red flag.

A beach in Torremolinos

The incident occurred due to strong underwater currents at the El Saltillo beach in Torremolinos. The situation of the three bathers was considered dangerous and a local police patrol decided that they needed to be rescued.

After rescuing a French swimmer, the situation had worsened for the other two, a Spaniard and a Norwegian who encountered problems in the water. The two were close to drowning and after they had been rescued, they were transported in an ambulance to a medical centre for a health evaluation.

Every year dangerous situations occur because bathers are not respecting the flags. Red flag means that it is forbidden to swim and that it is associated with danger to enter the water. This may be due to high waves, underwater currents, or due to dangerous jellyfish. Yellow flag means danger and that caution must be exercised in the water. Green flag means that it is safe to swim.

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