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Thieves tagging doors

Piece of plastic reveals whether you are home or not. Guardia Civil warns about thieves who are tagging doors with a transparent piece of plastic.

Burglars tag door

Photo: Guardia Civil

Do you remember the old trick with taging a door by sticking a hair onto the door? If the hair still is there the next time you check it, then the door has been unopened. Now thieves in Spain have started with a similar marking where they use a piece of transparent plastic that is wedged in the front door of your home. After a few days the thieves come back to check if the plastic piece is still in the door. If it is not gone, the thieves can break into the home without worrying that the owner will emerge.

Although this warning comes from the Guardia Civil in Rioja, it is not unlikely that this trick or similar is also used in other areas of Spain by professional burglars.


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