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The wildfires in Spain

At the moment, there are wildfires in several places in Spain. It seems that some of the fires seem have been strarted intentionally, while a combination of high heat, low humidity and strong winds makes them ignite quickly and spread rapidly.

fire-javea-1The fire in Benitaxell and Javea has now been stabilized, but it is not yet fully 100% under control and the 1400 evacuees have begun returning home.

The Red Cross has provided emergency accommodations for those who have no home to return to.

The fire has affected an area of nearly 900 hectares, and the result is a black and burned gloomy landscape.

fire-javea-3Fire crews are now concentrating on fire outside the town of Bolulla (Alicante) that is still totally out of control. Here are about 100 people from 40 houses evacuated. The fire combated currently with 11 aircrafts/helicopters and a large number of firefighters.

In the area there is also a third fire, in the area near Riu Canyoles Moixent (Valencia), but it seems to be more or less under control now.

Menorca – Balearic Islands

Last night at 2 a.m. a wildfire started in Menorca in Es Mercadal in Coves Noves, S’Arenal d’en Castell. The fire is now completely out of control, and 600 people have been evacuated. The wind is spreading the fire rapidly and it has already reached Addai, Cala Moli and Macaret and about 80 acres has been affected. The fire is being fought by nine of the two planes, three helicopters, five firefighters, Guardia Civil and Policia Local.


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