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The Plastic Sea in Almería

What looks like snow in satellite photos over Almería is the so called plastic sea where a large part of Spain’s fruit and vegetables are being produced.

Mar Plástico El Ejido

Photo: Wikimedia commons

Large parts of fruits and vegetable exported from Spain, is being grown around El Ejido, Almeria and Nijar. The area is called Europe’s kitchen garden. Another nickname for this area is the plastic sea because of the large amounts of greenhouse and plastic fabrics used to cover the crops.

If you drive by car from Malaga towards Almeria along the coastal road N-340, you can see this plastic sea from your car. The plastic sea is also visible from planes and satellite imagery on google maps. Here is a link to El Ejido on Google Maps, where you can zoom out and see how it looks from the air, or you can zoom right in on the greenhouses. (The white areas that you see in the picture is not snow, it’s plastic).


El Ejido seen from a satellite photography. Photo: Wikipedia

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