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The Malaga Fair 2014

The biggest party on the Costa de Sol lasts a week, from Saturday 16th to Saturday 23rd of August

But what someone may not know is that the spectacular opening ceremony is already is on Friday.

Fair in Malaga 2014

People dressed in flamenco costumes is a common sight during the Malaga fair.

Friday, August 15 th at. 22:50, starts the traditional opening ceremony of the Fair at the beach in Málaga (Malaqueta). This time it’s the popular comedian Manolo Sarria who start the event. Manolo is from Malaga and has many talents. In addition to being a comedian and actor, he is often hired as a presenter of several TV channels. Then Andy & Lucas performing at. 00:20. they are very popular with their flamenco-inspired pop music.

What it’s about
The Fair in Málaga is considered one of the world’s largest street festivals and is a colorful experience. In the daytime people ar partying in the streets, primarily in the old town and down by the harbor. In the evenings, the festivities move to the fair ground where the part goes on until dawn every day. There are shuttle buses between the city center and the Fair ground so it’s easy to get back and forth.

There are many great artists performing during the Fair and the program is available here.

Fair in Malaga

Decorations in Malaga during the Fair

The Fair has millions of visitors each year, on Saturday alone 66,000 will arrive by air. Three large cruise ships with over 6000 passengers are also arrive during the week. Adjacent to the Fair Ground there is a large car park, but it’s smart to not take the car to Malaga during this week. The local train is a much better option, many people choose to park for free in the Plaza Mayor, and then take the train into Malaga.