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The law’s long arm reached drug dealers

Spanish-English police cooperation gives success on the Costa Del Sol.

David Hewson, 32, from Liverpool, was captured in Benahavis in late May after being on the run for 18 months. He was sentenced to 11 years in prison in December 2012, but disappeared two months before the punishment was beginning. In about 18 months, he managed to stay hidden on the Costa del Sol, in a villa near Puerto Banus, Marbella, along with his girlfriend and their common son. Although Hewson dyed hair to avoid detection, the managed police find him.

Another of the most wanted British criminals, Christopher Mealey, 38, was found and arrested in Puerto Banus last week.

The police initiative has gone under the name Operation Capture and is a collaboration between the authorities in the UK and Spain.

Costa del Sol seems to be a popular place to hide, but by the united forces, the police has since November 2013 been able to catch eight of the thirteen most wanted, of which four have been found in Spain. This is largely through the organization Crimestoppers which in November last year went out with the criminals’ name and image in a campaign to find and catch criminals on the run in Spain. Arrest of Hewson and Mealey provides 60 successful catches of the 76 that have been sought since 2006.