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The hotels are being filled up

The status of the number of hotel reservations on the Costa del Sol looks very good. The hotels have received far more orders than last year for the upcoming Easter.


AC Hotel Malaga Palacio by Marriott. Photo: Thick, Wikimedia

On the entire Costa del Sol 74% of the rooms are already booked, which is two percent better than last year. If you look at Malaga which of course is kind of the “Easter capital” it looks even better, where 85% (82.9% last year) is booked and on Good Friday and Easter Saturday 94% is alerady booked. This despite the fact that the city has received a good deal of new hotel beds during the year.

There are many reasons why interest for Easter on the Costa del Sol has increased this year. One is that the number of outlets for the hotel stay has increased by about 20%, another that Malaga has gained many new attractions. And finally, it can certainly be of some significance that the weather forecast for Easter week looks really good, which usually has special significance for “last minute bookings.”

The tourism industry usually consider Easter as an indication for how the summer is going to be. The president of “Consejo de Turismo de la CEA”, Miguel Sanchez, is convinced that Easter is going to be good. He also says that domestic tourism has increased and that many international customers have replaced Tunisia as the destination for the benefit of the Costa del Sol. He believes that if the growth that we’ve seen so far this year continues, we can turn beat year’s 28 million visitors and reach 29.5 million international tourists this year.


Easter week in Malaga is a great attraction. Photo Anja Erixon.