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The Fair in Fuengirola starts

The Fair in Fuengirola, Feria del Rosario, lasts from 6-12 october and takes place on the Fair ground of Fuengirola where the street market usually is. 

Feria Rosario Fuengirola

During the fair in Fuengirola, the streets are filled with horses and people dress in their nicest flamenco costumes.

During this fair many Spaniards are dressed in their traditional Flamenco costumes. Horse owners from the Fuengirola and Mijas area gather in Fuengirola in their finest outfits to show off their horses and carriages. Don’t be surprised if you see horses parked outside pubs and bars in Fuengirola during this joyful Fair.

Many shops and businesses are being closed during the entire week because most inhabitants are taking part in the celebrations.

The Fair Ground is filled with happy people who eat, drink and dance and the small houses, casitas, on the Fair Ground keep open until late at night. There is also a small tivoli on the Fairground.

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