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The Fair in Fuengirola is starting

The popular Fair in Fuengirola, Feria del Rosario, is starting today and the party will last from October 6th to October 12th.

fuengirola-fair-2015The events are mostly unfolding on the Fair Ground where there usually is a market on Tuesdays and a flea market on Saturdays. There are now bars and entertainment in the little houses called “casitas” and an amusement park has also been set up at the entrance to the Fair Ground. This Fair is known to be the largest “horse fair” on the coast, and many people arrive with their horses, either riding or by horse and carriage.

Do not be surprised if you see horses parked outside bars and restaurants in the town during the Fair. There are also many people who are dressed up in traditional Spanish costumes and the locals are dancing flamenco almost everywhere.

Many shops and businesses have closed all of this week or parts of the week so that the employees can participate in the festivities. Tuesday 7th is a local bank holiday and most shops are closed in Fuengirola, but even more people can be seen at the Fair Ground.

fuengirola-fairThe official announcement “Pregón” takes place in the Palacio de La Paz at 9:30 pm tonight (free admission). This honorable mission this year has been donated to the music teacher and artist Federico Gutiérrez Majadas. He was born in Madrid in 1963, but moved to Fuengirola when he was two years old. There will be an opening speech by the City Council and the Spanish national anthem is being played by the municipal orchestra. (Banda Municipal de Música de Fuengirola). Then the lights on the Fair Ground illuminates and Fair has startet.

The entire program is available here (in PDF format. It is mostly in Spanish but if you scroll down the main program is also in English).

See you at Fair …


This picture and the picture above is from last year's feria. Photo: Erixon Consulting.

This picture and the picture above is from last year’s feria. Photo: Erixon Consulting.

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