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Temperatures are dropping

A polar front is sweeping down across Europe ending the exceptionally warm autumn. The temperatures will now drop rapidly throughout Spain.

Sunday night 22/11 at 7 am

Sunday night 22/11 at 7 am

The temperature is expected to fall between 6 to 10 degrees, especially at night it will get much colder. This does not mean it gets too cold, but it is rather a return to normal seasonal temperatures. Everything according to the Agencia Estatal de Meteorologia – AEMET (Spanish state weather service).

The warm weather will last until Friday in Spain. The polar front is expected to reach northern Spain on Saturday and during Sunday it will also reach southern Spain. Even the Balearic and Canary Islands will be affected by this polar front.It is generally expected to get below the freezing point in many parts of inland Spain, but after four or five days it gets a bit warmer again.

With this front rain is also coming and it will mainly be plenty of rain in the northern part of Spain, with snowfall above an altitude of 1.000m. Even the Balearic and Canary Islands can expect to get plenty of rain (and snow in higher elevations).


The weather on friday night November 20th 2015.

In the Alicante province there has already been noted minus degrees; Early Wednesday morning on november 18th it was -1.3 degrees in Villena (Alicante). But the polar front has at least one positive effect: The air pollution that recently struck Madrid and Barcelona will literally blow away.