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Ibiza (Eivissa in Catalan)

Considering a vehicle ban

The Ministry of Tourism in the Balearic islands are considering a ban that prevents tourists from bringing their own cars to the smaller islands in the summer months. The Islands of Mallorca, Menorca,…


Easter traffic

The traffic authorities DGT are releasing information about when the Easter traffic is at its worst. If possible, one should try to avoid being out in traffic at these times….


Confused tourists

Benidorm is now painting English signs on pedestrian crossings, to make British tourists look to the left when they are crossing the streets. The local authorities in Benidorm have begun to paint the text “Look…


Traffic controls before Christmas

Spanish traffic authorities, DGT, are warning that the Guardia Civil in cooperation with local police forces are going to perform over 25,000 daily checks before Christmas. The campaign started yesterday…


Disastrous law for publishers

A new study shows that the so-called “Google tax law” which came into force in January 2015 has led to huge losses for Spanish publishers The laws passed demanded a fee…

Traffic accident in Andalusia

Traffic in Spain has become safer

The number of road deaths has declined, both in the Málaga Province and nationally in Spain The Transport Administration in Spain, “Dirección General de Trafico”, has released a report showing…

Traffic regulations in Spain

New traffic regulations in Spain

The Spanish Congress has enacted a series of new regulations on motor vehicles and bikers on the Spanish roads. Even pedestrians are subject to the new law. The new rules include everything…