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torremolinos beach

Torremolinos still most popular

Since charter tourism rapidly took off in the ’60s Torremolionos has been the top spot on the Costa del Sol. In September this year 528,000 tourist stays at a hotel in the city,…


New Spanish law on copyright

The law or rather laws that forever will change the Internet in Spain is almost here. The new laws are referred to by some as the Internet censorship. It’s about the law…

Stag in Spain

Still hunting in nature reserves

In the Senate Partido Popular’s (PP) votes ensured that the controversial hunting law allowing hunting in nature reserves should not change. Thus, Spanish landowners may continue to hunt in protected areas….

Banco de Espana Madrid

Banco de España reinforces the control

In the wake of the financial crisis, Europe’s banks are now being more thoroughly controlled. Following the mandate of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, which applies to all countries of the Union…

In Tempo Benidorm

In Tempo developer bankrupt

Olga Urbana, the developer behind the newly built iconic skyscraper In Tempo in Benidorm, is declared bankrupt. It is the company’s main creditor Sareb who requested the bankruptcy because the…


Restaurant manager criticizes All-Inclusive

One of the biggest restaurant owners on Tenerife criticizes the practice of all-inclusive vacations. Lorenzo Reverón and his family owns several restaurants in Tenerife and says in an interview with…

University of Salamanca

Young people’s situation in Spain

Spanish young people are better educated than ever before, but despite this they don’t succeed in getting a job, at least not within the education that they have. As many as…

Airbus A330 MRTT

Spain is doing military investments

After six years of severe budget cuts making tens of thousands of public work places to disappear, there is now a change. The government has decided to give the Defense Department a significant increase…


British man drowned in Fuerteventura

A 65 year old british man drowned yesterday at Playa de Jandía in Pájara, Fuerteventura. The alarm central was alered at  14.35 after other bathers had found the man in the water….

horse aguila roja tierra lobos

TV horse mistreated

Guardia Civil has revealed that one of the horses in a couple of popular Spanish TV series has been subjected to severe animal cruelty. The owner has also previously been…