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Scott Kelly arrested

British fugitive captured on Costa Blanca

33 year old Scott Kelly was arrested by Spanish police after publishing pictures from Spain on his Facebook profile. British Police was wondering where Scott Kelly was gone after he ran away while he was…

marbella archway

Walking in Marbella

The festival “Marbella 4 days walking” that lasts from 9th to 12th of October is now held for the fourth time. The goal is to get walkers from all over…

car thief teide

Car thief arrested at Mount Teide

A car thief who specialized in stealing cars from tourists stopping to look at mount teide was arrested after crashing a stolen car. While tourists were parked at look-out spots and taking…

Beer german festival

Oktober festival in Gran Canaria

If you happen to be on Gran Canaria between 10th and 12th October so please take the opportunity to visit this German beer festival. For the second year in a row,…

Prins Carl Philip

Volvo Ocean Race, Alicante

In Alicante the sailing elite is now in place for the world’s largest and most prestigious regatta around the world. A short “In-Port Race” was aranged last Saturday in Alicante and…

Manuel García

Spanish nurse infected by Ebola

Treated the two infected priests at the Carlos III Hospital in Madrid and was infected herself. The woman had felt slightly ill since Tuesday last week and was hospitalized today with a high…

Feria Rosario Fuengirola

The Fair in Fuengirola starts

The Fair in Fuengirola, Feria del Rosario, lasts from 6-12 october and takes place on the Fair ground of Fuengirola where the street market usually is.  During this fair many Spaniards are…

Policia Nacional car

Police cars tapped by hidden microphones

Up to 30 police officers in the National Police working in three different police cars in Cartagena have been tapped. The big question is who installed the microphones and why….


Wants to stop drunk brits in Benidorm

Local authorities are trying to find ways to combat the “chaos” that drunk british tourists create, especially during the summer holidays. A recently published picture of a drunk british tourist that was…


600 evacuated from Elian´s British School

It was at mid day yesterday that a teacher at the Elian’s British School in Nucia discovered a gas leak. The gas was spreading in the school building and it was…