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Train travels increasing

The Spanish high speed trains are taking market shares from all other methods of domestic travel. On some stretches flight travels in practice are ousted. We are talking about AVE trains…


Booking Caminito del Rey

The much publicized path Caminito del Rey which to many’s irritation, has been fully booked for a long time, has now opened bookings for July, August and September. There has been a…


Spain offers citizenship

By offering 2.2 million Sephardim jews citizenship, Spain wants to make up after the expulsion of the Spanish Jews in 1492. 523 years ago, the Spanish Jews had two alternatives,…


A warm easter

On the Costa Blanca the Easter week has started with a proper summer with daytime temperatures of around 30 degrees Celsius. On Palm Sunday the beaches were almost full in…


The hotels are being filled up

The status of the number of hotel reservations on the Costa del Sol looks very good. The hotels have received far more orders than last year for the upcoming Easter….


IKEA expands in Spain

The Swedish furniture giant now wants to simplify the buying process for clients in Spain and opens up a number of distribution points as a supplement to their stores. It’s about…

waste nucia

Waste disposal in Nucia

La Nucia municipality in the northern part of the Costa Blanca has gone new ways in waste sorting and built a new recycling facility that can receive 39 different types of…


An intensive week

The Málaga Province and Costa del Sol will experience a very frenetic week with numerous openings that affect tourism and culture. March 23 The opening of “Auditorio Philip VI” in…


Flight from London in emergency landing

A flight from London to Valencia made a controlled emergency landing in Barcelona this morning due to technical problems. There was nothing dramatic about the situation, but the pilots detected a problem…

fiber internet fuengirola

Fast internet in Fuengirola

A new insfrastructure for fiber optic internet is currently being built out for the consumer market in Fuengirola. In some areas this is already clear for delivery, while in other parts…