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Heat Wave in Spain

An intense heat wave with warnings for dangerously high temperatures has been issued for much of the Iberian Peninsula. Extreme heat with temperatures above 40 degrees are excpected in many places, especially…

Siam Park, Tenerife. Photo: Stephen Jones

The best water parks in Spain

There are many excellent water parks in Spain. In TripAdvisor’s annual ranking of waterparks, Siam Park in Tenerife was voted as number one in the world. This is the third consecutive year that Siam Park…


Gibraltar could become Scottish

Scotland and Gibraltar are discussing the possibility of coming up with a plan to stay in the EU after UK’s Brexit. Spain is now licking their lips at the thought of Gibraltar becoming…


The Spanish election

Sunday’s election resulted in a victory for the conservative party Partido Popular, but the victory was not sufficient to break the unclear political situation. Partido Popular made great advance and got…

Teleférico de Benalmádena. Photo: Robbie Jim.

Spanish Secrets, Part 10

Part ten of beautiful and lesser known places in Spain has a mountain with a breathtaking view of the Costa del Sol and on a clear day you can see…


Spanish Midsummer Eve

To celebrate Midsummer’s Eve is something that Spaniards and Brits have in common, although the traditions might be slightly different. Midsummer’s Eve (St. John’s eve) is being celebrated in Spain on June…


Telia is selling Yoigo

The Spanish mobile provider Mámovil buys 100 percent of Yoigo and becomes the fourth largest mobile provider in Spain. After the purchase only Telefonica, Vodafone and Orange are larger. The purchase price is based…


Jellyfish in the Mediterranean

Experts are warning of an increased presence of jellyfish along the coast of the Mediterranean this summer. Some information and what you can do about it. Professor Josep Maria Gili from Barcelona’s Marine Research…


Beer Festival in Torremolinos

This weekend there is a happening in the Congress Palace in Torremolinos for those who appreciate homemade beer. 40 national and international microbreweries are participating. Beer is the most consumed beverage in the…

A typical Spanish villa outside a small Spanish town in Andalusia and it is for sale

Selling a property in Spain

The number of sales and the property prices are on the rise in Spain, but how long time it actually takes to sell a property in Spain depends on many different factors….