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Snow in Pradollano.

Winter joy in Sierra Nevada

Europe’s southernmost ski resort in Sierra Nevada has not had much snow so far this season, but now this has changed dramatically – thanks to the polar front that entered Spain last weekend….


Winter in Spain

A polar front has entered Spain and brings low temperatures, storm, rain and even snow in some parts of the country. According to meteorologists this is the coldest week so far…

Illustration photo: istockphoto.com

More properties are being sold

Housing sales in Spain increased last year by 11.1 percent compared with the previous year. Especially at the end of the year there was a notable increase. Instituto Nacional de Estadística (INE)…


Spain soon fully booked

The leading tour operators in Europe are warning that several of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations soon are sold out for the upcoming summer. The recent terrorist attacks around the…

The Flying lifesaver SalvaDron.

Torrevieja is increasing the security

It will be safer on two of the beaches of Torrevieja through a Spanish pioneer project with drones that can both monitor, communicate and come to the rescue of distressed swimmers….


A fleet visiting Malaga

Now you can visit the Spanish Navy’s largest ship Juan Carlos I, which is visiting Málaga and is open to the public on February 11th and February 12th. It is the third…

The fire spread very quickly and was very powerful. The smoke plume could be seen from a large distance.

Fire at campsite

A fierce fire broke out at a campsite in southern Gran Canaria on Sunday. Six caravans and five motor homes were totally destroyed, but no one were killed. The fire broke…


Zika Virus in Europe

Here in Spain there are currently seven people who have been infected by the virus, including a pregnant woman. But there are several people infected in other European countries. Spanish health authorities…


Flamenco fashion

With three months left to Seville’s April fair it is now time for the presentation of this year’s flamenco fashion. It is being presented in the traditional way on a major…


Carnival in Spain

Right now it’s time for carnival throughout the Catholic world, also in Spain. Some of them are truly spectacular and all are definitely worth seeing. A carnival is a festival that…