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Mosquito invasion in Torrevieja

Since Thursday night, Torrevieja has been hit by a sudden mosquito invasion. The municipality made an emergency call on Friday to use insecticides in areas where the mosquitoes might hatch….

Drones against tiger mosquitoes

Alfaz del Pi on the Costa Blanca has initiated their annual preventive campaign against Tiger Mosquitoes. This year they are also using drones. The drones will be used to localize wetlands and…

Zika Virus in Europe

Here in Spain there are currently seven people who have been infected by the virus, including a pregnant woman. But there are several people infected in other European countries. Spanish health authorities…


Mosquito Invasion expected

Due to the recent heavy rainfall, a mosquito invasion is now expected in Costa Blanca. In particular there is a high risk around the salt lakes of Torrevieja and La Mata. The rain has…


Fight against tiger mosquitoes

Palma de Mallorca has declared war against tiger mosquitoes, because of the last summer’s many complaints about these mosquitoes. The municipality has set aside 60,500 euros for this purpose. In…