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Ibiza (Eivissa in Catalan)

Considering a vehicle ban

The Ministry of Tourism in the Balearic islands are considering a ban that prevents tourists from bringing their own cars to the smaller islands in the summer months. The Islands of Mallorca, Menorca,…

One of the dogs that were rescued by police in Las Palmas. Photo: Policia Local

Crackdown on animal abuse

Animal abusers in Spain have always got easily away from their misdeeds, but this seems to change as the police and courts now are taking this kind of crimes more seriously. New…

Drinking shirtless

Stricter laws in Magaluf

An increase in the police force as well as new and stricter laws against antisocial behavior and public drinking is hopefully going to clean up Magaluf’s frayed reputation as a party destination….


New flights from Alicante

The Spanish airline Vueling are opening new domestic routes this summer from El Altet airport in Alicante to some popular holiday destinations in Spain. The new flights will go to Tenerife…


Fight against tiger mosquitoes

Palma de Mallorca has declared war against tiger mosquitoes, because of the last summer’s many complaints about these mosquitoes. The municipality has set aside 60,500 euros for this purpose. In…