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Gran Canaria beach

Tourist record at Canaries

Never before has there been larger revenue in the tourist sector in the Canary Islands as in 2014. In total € 15.000 million thus the old record from 2008 was beaten. Earlier this year, it…


Died attempting to rob a warehouse

A burglar with a long criminal record was found dead on the concrete floor in a warehouse 10 metres below a hole in the roof. It is believed that he…

Policia Nacional car

Former IRA-terrorists arrested in Lanzarote

Seven people were arrested in a coordinated police raid in Lanzarote, Alicante, Murcia and Málaga, which was directed against a corruption network. Among the arrested are former IRA terrorists Leonard…

Rowan Renaissance

No oil found outside Canaries

Repsol has not found any oil in the first well where the test drilling has been going on since 18 November east of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. The Oil adventure outside…


Ryanair passengers forced to pay for taxi and ferry

A plane heading from Dublin to Lanzarote last saturday was forced to land on Fuerteventura due to severe thunderstorms. Even though Ryanair promised to arrange bus and ferry tickets for the…


Mercadona is coming to Lanzarote

The supermarket chain Mercadona, which is considered one of Spain’s most successful, opens on Lanzarote today. The new store is located in the industrial area Argan Baja with 60 employees….


The noise from oil drilling can harm whales

The test drillings outside the Canary Islands can create noise of up to 180 decibels that can harm whales and dolphins in a large area. The scientific reports that Repsol was using to apply…

Oil Platform

The Canary Islands may become a new oil field

Government authorizes Repsol to drill for oil in the Canary Islands. The Ministry of Industry has granted Repsol permission to make up to three exploration wells for oil in the…