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The Fair in Fuengirola is starting

The popular Fair in Fuengirola, Feria del Rosario, is starting today and the party will last from October 6th to October 12th. The events are mostly unfolding on the Fair Ground where there usually is a market on…

horse aguila roja tierra lobos

TV horse mistreated

Guardia Civil has revealed that one of the horses in a couple of popular Spanish TV series has been subjected to severe animal cruelty. The owner has also previously been…

Feria Rosario Fuengirola

The Fair in Fuengirola starts

The Fair in Fuengirola, Feria del Rosario, lasts from 6-12 october and takes place on the Fair ground of Fuengirola where the street market usually is.  During this fair many Spaniards are…