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Bla Bla Car threatened with fines

The ridesharing company Bla Bla Car and two of their drivers are threatened with fines. The Regional Governement in Madrid believes that the two drivers have been transporting people without a valid license….


Disobedient bathers fined

Now that summer is approaching, the police is increasing the patrolling of the beaches. Several municipalities have introduced strict fines for all sorts of offenses. One of the municipalities is Guardamar…

La Playa de Santa María del Mar, Cádiz. Photo: Daphne Chui.

Nudism prohibited

A seven-year long battle in various courts between the Spanish Naturist Association and Cadiz Municipality has now been settled by the Supreme Court. There is now a ban on nude bathing in…


Measures against dog poop and littering

Madrid municipality is planning high fines for those who do not pick up after their dog. The same will apply to littering in public places. It is Madrid’s Mayor Manuela…

Traffic regulations in Spain

New traffic regulations in Spain

The Spanish Congress has enacted a series of new regulations on motor vehicles and bikers on the Spanish roads. Even pedestrians are subject to the new law. The new rules include everything…