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Costa del Sol flooded

Finally came the rain that the Costa del Sol needed so much. The only problem is that it was all too much at once. Many cities along Costa del Sol have…

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New hope for coastal train to Marbella

Costa Blanca does not get it’s long-awaited coastal train that could have connected the coastal towns with Alicante and Madrid. Instead the government wants to invest in the train line to Marbella….

Important archaeological discovery

During the initial phase of construction of a hotel in Estepona, an archeological site was unearthed that proves to be a very important archaeological discovery on the Iberian peninsula. The ruins turn out to…


Parking for 1 Euro per day

Estepona municipality has been inspired Mijas Pueblo and are building central parking places with a parking fee of just 1 € per day. 1,000 new parking spaces The project aims at creating 1.000 centrally located…


La Vuelta starts

Vuelta a España – Spain around which is one of the world’s biggest bike races, has four tranches in the Málaga province this year, one of them regarded as particularly spectacular….


Virgen del Carmen

On the evening of July 16 the fishermen and sailors patron Virgen del Carmen is being celebrated in most coastal towns and fishing villages in Spain and South America Most…

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Dog Beaches prohibited

Junta de Andalucia puts an end to the so-called dog beaches in Andalusia. In a letter sent out to the 14 coastal municipalities they request that dogs are prohibited on…

Spanish Secrets, Part 1

There are many great and relatively unknown places in Spain. This summer we’ll provide some tips on some less common attractions. Here’s a tip about a very beautiful place that…


Costa del Sol news

As a variation from all the news about the election, here are some updates on some of the more interesting projects that are underway on the Costa del Sol. Senda Litoral…


Cooperation Málaga – Estepona

Málaga and Estepona begins a collaboration between their botanical parks, primarily exchanging plants and knowledge. Málaga Málaga has a large variety of different parks, some in the middle of town and somw…