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Ebola virus

Spain is testing an Ebola vaccine

A new Ebola vaccine reported by the World Health Organization to be 100% effective, is now about be tested in Spain. The vaccine has previously been tested on 4,000 people in…


Ebola fear on nudist beach

A boat with 21 African refugees in poor condition drifted ashore the Maspalomas beach on Gran Canaria yesterday. It was beach cleaners who first spotted the boat of refugees and in them morning…

Teresa Romero Ramos

Spanish nurse recovered from Ebola

The Spanish nurse Teresa Romero is now recovered from Ebola after she tested negative twice for the virus. She tested negative for the virus on Sunday, but in order to…

Airport LPA

Gran Canaria becomes airbase for Ebola transport

The UN has asked the Spanish Foreign Ministry for permission to make use of Gran Canaria airport as a base for transport to the Ebola-hit countries in Africa. United Nations…

Health Minister Ana Mato

Health minister asked to resign

Hospital workers gathered outside Madrid’s hospital to express their concerns about their own safety. Health workers in Spain are in panic over the lack of training and lack of equipment…

Manuel García

Spanish nurse infected by Ebola

Treated the two infected priests at the Carlos III Hospital in Madrid and was infected herself. The woman had felt slightly ill since Tuesday last week and was hospitalized today with a high…

Manuel García

Another Spanish priest dies of Ebola

Ebola has now claimed its second victim when the Spanish priest Manuel García Viejo died on Thursday. The priest worked as a missionary in Sierra Leone where he was infected….

Ebola virus

No Ebola in Alicante

The tests of the Nigerian man who was admitted to the University Hospital of Alicante have now been analyzed and they were negative ie that he did not have Ebola….

University Hospital in Alicante

Hospital in Alicante has activated the Ebola protocol

The San Juan University Hospital in Alicante has activated the so called Ebola protocol to treat a 30 year old nigerian male patient for a possible infection of Ebola. At the moment…

Ebola in Africa

Spanish Ebola infected priest has died

Miguel Pajeres, 75 years, died this morning at the Hospital Carlos III in Madrid. The Spanish missionary was infected with Ebola in Liberia in West Africa and became ill ten…