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Traffic controls before Christmas

Spanish traffic authorities, DGT, are warning that the Guardia Civil in cooperation with local police forces are going to perform over 25,000 daily checks before Christmas. The campaign started yesterday…

Drug trafficking boss arrested

One of Europe’s most dangerous drug trafficking bosses, 44 years old Robert Dawes from Nottingham, has been arrested in Benalmádena under a crackdown coordinated by Europol. Dawes has been under investigation…

drug seizures in gibraltar

Major drugs seizures in Gibraltar

Guardia Civil have seized 15 tons of drugs in the Campo de Gibraltar during the last two months, of which about 14 tons of hashish and 1 ton of cocaine….

13 tons of hashish seized

Guardia Civil have seized 13 tons of hashish on a boat in the waters of the Alboran sea outside Malaga The raid was initiatet after an Italian aircraft had taken suspicions against a…