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Bla Bla Car threatened with fines

The ridesharing company Bla Bla Car and two of their drivers are threatened with fines. The Regional Governement in Madrid believes that the two drivers have been transporting people without a valid license….


Cheaper petrol and diesel

The prices of petrol and diesel started to increase on the second week of August, but now that the summer holidays has finished the prices are falling again. Last week the petrol…

Ibiza (Eivissa in Catalan)

Considering a vehicle ban

The Ministry of Tourism in the Balearic islands are considering a ban that prevents tourists from bringing their own cars to the smaller islands in the summer months. The Islands of Mallorca, Menorca,…


Air pollution in Madrid

Madrid is for the first time forced to implement their program against acute air pollution, which was adopted in March this year. Specifically this means that at the present time…

New Spanish invention

After eight years of research and development, the Spanish company FICOSA has developed fourth-generation electronic side mirrors. According to Víctor Iglesias, system architect at Ficosa, the pioneering system revolutionizes the driving experience,…


Car sales increasing

Sales of new cars is increasing sharply in Europe. September was the 25th consecutive month with increase and especially in Spain the growth is strong. Compared to last year the registration of new cars…

electric car

Proving that electric cars are good enough

Two electric cars ran a lap around the Gran Canaria on Sunday without stopping to recharge, to prove that electric vehicles can be used on the Canary Islands. There has…

Man looking at a smoking engine in his car

High temperatures and vehicles

Warm climate or heat waves can cause problems for cars. Engines overheat and asphalt becomes slippery, but this can be managed The Royal Automobile Club of Spain (RACE) has had a…


Subsidies for car replacement continues

The Government has approved the eighth edition of the subsidy Plan Pive which is given to buy a new car while you dispose of an older and more polluting car….


Ferrari Exhibition in Málaga

Anyone interested in seeing Ferraris development during the past 35 years can visit the exhibition hall in Malaga this week. The exhibition is held in the “Palacio de Ferias y…