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ryanair aircraft

Troublesome air passenger

An Irish passenger had to be removed from an Ryanair airplane before it took off from Alicante to London.  The passenger was initially trying to prevent his ex-girlfriend from travelling…

Scott Kelly arrested

British fugitive captured on Costa Blanca

33 year old Scott Kelly was arrested by Spanish police after publishing pictures from Spain on his Facebook profile. British Police was wondering where Scott Kelly was gone after he ran away while he was…

Prins Carl Philip

Volvo Ocean Race, Alicante

In Alicante the sailing elite is now in place for the world’s largest and most prestigious regatta around the world. A short “In-Port Race” was aranged last Saturday in Alicante and…

IFTM fair Paris 2014

Costa Blanca in Paris

Tourism on the Costa Blanca is being promoted in tourism fair in Paris – IFTM-TOP RESA 2014 The fair started on September 23rd and lasts for four days, until September 26th….

Ebola virus

No Ebola in Alicante

The tests of the Nigerian man who was admitted to the University Hospital of Alicante have now been analyzed and they were negative ie that he did not have Ebola….

University Hospital in Alicante

Hospital in Alicante has activated the Ebola protocol

The San Juan University Hospital in Alicante has activated the so called Ebola protocol to treat a 30 year old nigerian male patient for a possible infection of Ebola. At the moment…

Drought in Spain

Alicante is one the world’s driest inhabited areas

The absence of rain last winter makes the Alicante Province one of the driest inhabited places on earth. From January to April, there was only 7 liters of rain per square meter,…