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Sun and sea attracts students

The mixture of sun and sea are the two main ingredients in a cocktail that attracts foreign students to study in Málaga.


Malaga, views from Gibralfaro.

Foreign students are coming to Malaga from five different continents and in general they are very satisfied with their stay in the capital of Costa del Sol. Last year 13,000 students came to Malaga to study and improve their Spanish skills. Here are some of what is revealed in a survey compiled by Áreal de Turismo del consistorio de Málaga.

The reasons why they have chosen Malaga varies, but the main reason is the weather, of course. Juan Ramón, Erasmus student from Mexico, says “I prefer good weather and compared with other European university cities, it is best here.”

But the motives for choosing Malaga is not only sun and beach, but there are many other factors that are also considered. The culinary selection, the cultural mix, the happy mood and entertainment are other key factors. Camelia from France says “Our teacher in France said that this was his favorite city with pleasant and welcoming people.”

The economy is obviously also important where Malaga is well placed relative to other European cities. Katrina from Norway says: “I am Norwegian, so for me everything is cheap here”. For other students, security is a major factor when they have chosen to do their studies in Europe. Aida from China says that “the economy in Spain does not seem to be very good, but it seems to be a very safe country.”

montes de malaga

There is plenty of easily accessible nature near the city center.

There are obviously obviously negative things to commen too. Alejandra from Colombia says that “I don’t like all dog shit on the streets.” Gabriola from Italy says that “The boys in the class have not helped me anything since I arrived. Teachers have not helped me when I asked them because I did not understand anything”. Carol from Switzerland believes that education level is too low, “It is a different system here, so we have had to adapt.”

Málaga is in fourth place in terms of language tourism in Spain. Number one is Salamanca, followed by Barcelona and Madrid. With regard to the nationality of those who come to Malaga to study Spanish Germans are on top with 21%. Austrians are in second place with 11%, closely followed by the Danes with 10%. Britons and Americans are each around 6%, 5% Italians, French and Dutch are accounting for 4%, the Chinese and Russians around 3% each.

10 years ago Malaga was in second place after Salamanca, a position that the city intends to recapture. Malaga has a wide variety of language schools, of which 20% are public and 80% private. Most have aquality certification from the Instituto Cervantes, the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, or other related international certifications.


Playa de La Malagueta. The beach in the middle of the city.

All photos: Erixon Consulting.