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Stricter laws in Magaluf

An increase in the police force as well as new and stricter laws against antisocial behavior and public drinking is hopefully going to clean up Magaluf’s frayed reputation as a party destination.

Drinking shirtless

Illustration photo: Wikipedia

The new laws that are designed to prevent antisocial behavior and public drinking, came into force on June 9th. An extra force of 36 police officers are going to enforce these laws. The inhabitants of Magaluf are tired of the image of Magaluf as a travel destination for young troublemakers who want to enjoy sun, sex and drinking. It is especially British tourists who are known for their drinking vacations and among many Britons the town is just called Shagaluf, according to The Independent.

Magaluf, in the Calvia municipality on Mallorca, is one of the richest municipalities because of the massive tourism, but the bad reputation the city has received is something the municipality wants to get rid of.


Photo: Wikipedia

Most of the partying and street drinking goes on in the bar street Punta Ballena, but you can easily spend your holiday in Magaluf without experiencing the party life if you stay away from this part of the town.

According to The indepentent, the new measures are not taken overseriously by British tourists who are vacationing in the city. “We are here to party and drink and we are here to not worry much about whether we drink in public places”, is the response from youths who are asked about the new laws. In the Bar street there are about 2,000 drunk youngsters at all times and 36 policemen are not going to make much of an impact on that fact.

By breaking the new laws “Ley Seca” which in Spanish means “The dry law“, one risks arrest or fines of between 750 and 1500 €. These are the new laws:

  • Arrest for antisocial behavior
  • Prohibition of drinking on the streets between the hours of 10pm and 8am
  • Prohibition for shops to sell alcohol after midnight
  • Prohibition of spitting and urinating on the streets, in parks and gardens
  • Prohibition of nudity in public areas
  • Prohibition of littering, ie that it is forbidden to throw cigarette butts, cans, paper, plastic, bottles, etc.
  • It is also forbidden to walk shirtless in the streets except on the seafront.
  • Spectators that encourages nudity or urinating in public areas may also be fined
  • Balconing where you jump from a balcony into the pool provides fines of up to € 3,000
  • Stag/hen parties and other groups participating in a pub crawl can contain a maximum of 20 people and all must be uniformed. At least two of the participants must be trained in first aid. Only one pub crawl group is allowed inside the bars at any time
  • To defecate in streets, parks or gardens have become a serious crime that provides a fine of up to € 1,500

The purpose of the measures is to create a healthy relationship between tourists and residents and create economic development with rational terms for those who live in Magaluf. It remains to be seen whether this is feasible in practice in a city that “everyone knows as the party town Shagaluf”.

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