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Stolen goats recovered

Guardia Civil has managed to find 28 goats whichwere stolen from a goat farmer October 29 this year.

stolen goats

Photo: Guardia Civil

A story with a happy ending
The animals were stolen from a property in Alcaudete (Jaen) in Andalusia in an area known as the Vado Hondo, 5 kilometers from Alcaudete. It was Ramón Merino, the only one in the neighborhood who lives entirely on their goats, who  became affected.

The goat farmer has approximately 200 goats, but when he went to feed the goats, he saw at once that some were missing. He has lived with their goats for many years and knows each one of them very well. He discovered that there was a hole where someone had entered, opened the door and stolen goats. He was obviously very disappointed, it was a big setback for him to loose so many animals.

Ramón immediately called the Guardia Civil who immediately came out and inspected the crime scene. Later in the day he went in to the Guardia Civil office and filled out a theft review.

But this was not the end of history, Ramón was suspicious and had his thoughts about who could possibly be behind the robbery. A few days before the theft a neighbor had noticed straners walking around his property and the neighbor had asked what they were doing there. One of them then said they wanted to buy goats and asked for Ramon’s telephone number, he then got a call from the man.

Guardia Civil began an investigation and managed to find the goats after just one week. It turned out that there were two thieves, living in two different farms in the area. Ramon got to go with the Guardia Civil and a couple of vets to these two farms and identify their animals, and the next day he could bring home the goats again.

Ramón is now very happy and grateful for the intervention of the Guardia Civil, he also told that it is the third time that he was the victim of theft from his farm.